Marvami - Ingka (baskets)

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Ingka (baskets)
Ingka (baskets) — 13 EUR
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Shallow basket made from spine of coconut leaves.
The spines are woven into a plate shape. Handmade in small villages around the island, providing a source of income for Balinese women.
Approx. 6.50”x 1.96”

Markets are extraordinary places, full of life and hidden treasures. It was one of these markets that we found these beautiful baskets. Originally, Ingka were only used in traditional ceremonies as a plate to carry offerings for the gods. But more recently Balinese use them for many other things. 

So now it can be found as plate to serve food in local warungs (restaurants) or carrying flowers at a family celebrations like weddings and other gatherings. The basic principles of Balinese Hinduism seek balance in life from a harmonious relationship between the spirits of other human beings and the nature that surrounds us.