Marvami - Japanese Cup - gold

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that speak of craft, simplicity & honest beauty.
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Japanese Cup - gold
Japanese Cup - gold — 55 EUR
Only 3 left!
Glazed ceramic with pure gold coating.
Aprox. 6,5cm of diameter by 4,5cm in height.
Made in Tokyo by Ryuji Ishikawa 
Care: Do not put in dishwasher

A ceramic artist who molds all of his work with a handmade sensibility. Due to Ryuji’s craftsmanship and Japanese sense of style, the pieces transcend their utilitarian features and become contemporary treasures for the modern home.

We've met Ryuji at a small crafts market in Tokyo and immediately recognise how special his work was.
So we decided to collaborate and are honoured to carry a few of his selected pieces.