Marvami - Wood Bowl

We travel & gather small treasures
that speak of craft, simplicity & honest beauty.
Always with a story to tell.
Wood Bowl
Wood Bowl — 35 EUR
Only 1 left!
Delicate shape, beautiful grain & exquisite heavyweight feel.
With a smooth, slightly shiny finish and amazing knot details & patterns.
Carved from a single block of wood, it's a unique piece because of the natural variations in the material. No two bowls look identical.
Made by hand from Teak wood in Bali, Indonesia. ​
A​pprox. 11.5cm x 7cm (4.53” x 2.76”)
Care: Do not put in dishwasher.

On our way to Ubud we found a warehouse that caught our attention by the sheer beauty of the wood they had on display in the makeshift storefront beside the road. 

We went inside and  found gathering dust and half forgotten, in the middle of gigantic banquet tables and enormous roots of Teak trees, these simple, balanced & beautiful bowls.