Marvami - Owl

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that speak of craft, simplicity & honest beauty.
Always with a story to tell.
Owl — 25 EUR
Only 1 left!

Cooked red clay
Beautiful dark lead like color
Heavyweight and rustic feel
Made by hand in Barcelos, Portugal.
Approx. 4" x 2" (10.5 x 5.5cm)

This piece is also a whistle (!) that mimics the sound of a howl.

A friend told us about Mr Júlio Alonso 's work. Third generation of clay workers and the last person that use a very special cooking process. So that was enough to set us out to meet in. An incredibly nice person, he took us in his workshop where this almost magical pieces were made and explain the details about his process. 

Using ordinary red clay, he sculpts the piece and place it in the oven. After reaching 1000 degrees, the furnace is lined with smoky fuels such as pine needles, and the oven is sealed. It is nothing other than the smoke that gives its black metal like color. The uniqueness of the result even made his neighbours afraid that a demon or evil entity was behind the final color of his work! 

Mr Júlio creates mainly religious figures and pieces of pottery but on his spare time, just for fun, he dabbles and sculpts sets of strange but enchanting animals.