Marvami - Slingshot

We travel & gather small treasures
that speak of craft, simplicity & honest beauty.
Always with a story to tell.
Slingshot — 10 EUR
Only 2 left!

Made by hand from wood, rubber and leather in Bangkok, Thailand

Approx. 18.5cm (7.28”)

One of the discoveries of our trips was that no one walks much on foot in Asia. The weather isn’t very inviting, usually very much hot with humidity around 90% or raining hard… 

Still walking was one habit that we didn’t want to loose.
Much of the cafes, restaurants, shops and street corners that we liked were found this way. Just walking around with no clear goal.
In one of these walks, we run into an old lady that sold the slingshots, sitting on the floor on the edge of the road. Almost no words were said, the price she gave it with his fingers and a beautiful smile that we will never forget.