Marvami - Vintage Furoshiki

We travel & gather small treasures
that speak of craft, simplicity & honest beauty.
Always with a story to tell.
Vintage Furoshiki
Vintage Furoshiki — 30 EUR
Only 6 left!

Vintage item in 100% cotton Japanese  wrapping cloth Made in Japan. 
Approx. 106cm x 104cm  (41.73” x 40.95”)

One of our favourite places in Japan is the coastal city of Kamakura. 

The city has the perfect vibe of a small-scale japanese city, where everything is in its right place and it’s surrounded by a lovely green landscape that is so present, so peaceful and zen. In Kamakura you just feel calm. 

The steep mountain paths with the sound of the train and the sea in the background, the almost deserted beach… All of it reminds you a Hayao Miyazaki movie!

It's a place where we really want go back. To get lost in the city’s cafes, restaurants and traditional shops was very special. Here we ate the best soba in our life. Kneed by hand in a small restaurant that was basically a hallway with a few tables.

During this daydreaming we bumped into this treasures. Beautiful vintage cloth with double stamping of amazing patterns.